Ben's Episode broadcasts 27 June 2024, 12:10 AM

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Are you tired of pushy sales tactics that feel manipulative? Join us on the Online Prosperity Show as we dive into the world of ethical sales with Ben Lai, Director and Founder of Sales Ethos. With over 9 years of experience, Ben is dedicated to helping Australian businesses convert, connect, and grow ethically and in line with their values.

In this episode, Ben shares his journey from nursing to sales, highlighting the shock he experienced at the unethical practices prevalent in the sales profession. Determined to maintain his integrity, Ben founded Sales Ethos with a mission to transform how we sell.

Discover how Sales Ethos is revolutionizing sales training and coaching by focusing on love, integrity, and humility. Learn about their personalized coaching programs tailored to individual needs and aligned with personal values. Whether you're an introvert or an experienced sales professional, Sales Ethos has a program designed to help you succeed.

Join us as we explore success stories, coaching methodologies, and the unique approach Sales Ethos brings to the world of sales. If you're ready to sell with confidence and purpose, don't miss this episode with Ben Lai on the Online Prosperity Show!

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Transform Your Sales Approach Ethical Mastery with Ben Lai

27 June 2024, 12:10 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Ben Lai