Angela Sedran

The Fixer, The Business Growth Accelerator MBA, MICF, MICA, MAICD, Member Forbes Coaches Council

Angela's Episode broadcasts 03 September 2024, 12:10 AM

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Million-Dollar Business Strategist and Women's Wealth Advocate.

My mission is to help a million women globally by 2030 to achieve financial freedom.

I help trailblazing leaders beat overwhelm and transform their businesses and teams to consistently achieve outstanding results and confidently scale with ease by mastering their business skills.

I understand the unique challenges a woman faces every day in life and business. I struggled for years as a widowed single mom with the pressures of paying the bills, finding enough time for my child and helping him overcome his hearing issues - all whilst navigating corporate politics and sacrificing my soul in the process… and staying sane!

Although I was a successful senior strategy executive, management consultant and executive coach, helping my clients make millions of dollars, I was tired, burnt out and disillusioned.

If this is you, I see you.

Everything changed though when I turned my back on corporate and senior management and started my own business.

I was done working my butt off just to pay the bills.

Women are brilliant, highly capable and fabulous.

And yet one in three of us over the age of 45 in the developed world - INCLUDING PROFESSIONALS - live below the poverty line, generally because we choose to become mothers! That must change.

The world needs us to own our power, raise our standards, and contribute our talents like never before. I’m here to help women do that and to thrive.

I've inspired and equipped thousands of business owners with the skills, tools and strategies they need to build and grow profitable businesses. I'm damn good at what I do because I have years of experience and the business education to support it.

I can help you live your divine purpose and make a lasting global impact by building the business and leadership skills you need to manage your business and people with confidence.

My coaching takes the overwhelm and guesswork out of building a profitable business… and helps women blossom into successful, confident CEOs.

Building a thriving business isn't easy. It doesn’t happen overnight either.

It’s also not just about having the right tools and systems. You must be the best possible version of yourself too.

And with the right coaching supporting you - and hard work - you can build your legacy!

I offer the new feminine entrepreneur resources and inspiring content, bold online courses, hands-on coaching programs, and life-changing luxurious retreats and masterminds for women who strive to become successful businesswomen.

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How To Run And Grow Your Business In A Meaningful, Profitable Way That Fits In With Your Strengths

03 September 2024, 12:10 AM
Angela Sedran