Annita's Episode broadcasts 28 July 2024, 03:40 PM

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After 25 years working in large organisations doing shift work, I decided that being an employee was no longer for me. I had grown up in family business and my entrepreneurial spirit left me with the knowing that I was better suited as my own boss, and made the decision to leave the world of trading time for money and building others wealth.


Trained as an actor earlier in my career, I loved performing and the confidence it gave me. That motivated me to help others and I do so by using empowerment strategies that provide clarity, develop confidence and communication skills, allow individuals to realise their potential and create success and fulfilment in their lives.


I have been privileged to work with great teachers and mentors throughout my life, including Byron Katie, Ditte Marcher and Benjamin J Harvey who helped me navigate challenges, gain clarity, and supported my success. The results I have achieved through their coaching and influence discovering my purpose through working together, inspired me to be an Empowerment Coach.

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Unlocking Success From Casino Champion to Empowerment Strategist Annita Gibson's Journey!

28 July 2024, 03:40 PM
Annita Gibson Prosper Taruvinga