Bodo Frost

Business / Success Coach, Project Reboot

Bodo's Episode broadcasts 02 November 2024, 02:30 AM

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I am an experienced business/success coach, a change leader, a book author and a business change and ICT project management consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry having delivered complex digital business transformations within various small to large organisations in Australia and Europe.

I have developed a simple 3-Step blueprint called PLAN.DO.LIVE that puts your business on fire without burning down your life - resulting in some of my clients have quadrupled their revenue within the first 12 months of engagement, or having achieved their annual goals already after 8 months, while others were able to spend more time with family, friends and leisure activities while their business started running almost on autopilot.

As a Project Management Consultant and Business Coach I will help you do the right project at the right time for the right reasons with the right resources and deliver it right at the first time so that you have more time to enjoy a successful Work-Life Balance.

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Transform Your Business and Unleash Success Insights from Bodo Frost

02 November 2024, 02:30 AM
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