Con Nichols

Realcorp VIC

Con's Episode broadcasts 29 July 2024, 04:05 AM

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Con Nichols is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, property developer/investor, business owner and a self-made millionaire…

Arrived in Australia as an 11-year-old boy with just one suitcase and at the age of 18 purchase he’s first home and began life’s journey with all its challenges to succeed today.

Now the nation’s #1 New Australian life and business strategist, former chairman of Oceania’s Business forum and elected member by the world council. Having one of he’s programmes endorsed by the United Nations and European Chamber’s of Commerce, He’s a leader called upon by leaders to inspire and motivate the masses with he’s authentic approach and storytelling. He’s amazing and inspiring life story how he lost 82 kilos (181 pounds) will motivate all..

A founder and partner in more than ten companies/business in various industries, ranging from property development, cafes, education, import export and events, real estate investments.

Nichols Goes Beyond Limits, all the pain that you are willing to endure is measured by how bad you really want it…“Business is like a marathon you need to last the distance”……Con Nichols

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From One Suitcase to Millionaire Con Nichols' Inspirational Journey

29 July 2024, 04:05 AM
Con Nichols Prosper Taruvinga