Denise Damijo

The Shamanic Group

Denise's Episode broadcasts 18 September 2024, 07:50 AM

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About this Guest

Denise Damijo is the creator of The Healer's Realm Podcast, brought to you by The Shamanic Group, where people are given applicable tools and understanding to be guided in their own healing journey. Denise is a full-time grad student on the journey to ultimately obtain her Ph.D. in Mind, Body, and Medicine specializing in Integrative Wellness Coaching. Denise first discovered energy healing in 2006 and became a Reiki master in 2020 and soon learned that she was on the Shamanic path and has been initiated into the Qero tribe in Peru, which practices energy healing. She is a world traveler, skilled energy transmuter, and speaker who leads powerful guided Shamanic meditations, Journeys, and affirmations and has events and offerings that assist in healing, integration, and holistic wellness. 

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Journey to Healing and Prosperity with Denise Damijo

18 September 2024, 07:50 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Denise Damijo