Dorothy Mashburn

Dorothy's Episode broadcasts 22 July 2024, 12:35 PM

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I show you how to ace job interviews and confidently negotiate your value!

Does this sound familiar?

-You make less than everyone else in the department.

-Org announcements are only for other people’s promotions.

-Making your manager look great while you get no recognition?

-Asking if you even belong at the table because your confidence level is rock bottom?

-Constantly saying, "I’m desperate for a new job"?

It's time to change this story.

What I have learned over the last 20 years in management and deal negotiations:

-The world is not easy for women.

-There is so much more to your career than being underpaid under someone’s

micromanaging control.

-We are conditioned to think we can only achieve ‘this much.’

-You are capable and worthy of more.

I teach you how to think big, get confidence and stand up for your worth.

How do these wins sound?

• A seat at the table, 47% salary increase, plus a package that pays for her e-MBA, a business coach, and a potential promotion in the coming year…

• Extra week of vacation and flex Fridays to balance her life as a new mom.

• Moving into management consultancy with a 93% increase in total compensation.

• Left her toxic culture and secured a new role as head of Marketing in a purpose driven start-up with a great culture.

These are stories of clients who started with doubt and fear. They did the work and they have never looked back.

The tools I give you include:

- Step-by-step guides on how to develop your value.

- Actions to secure high visibility projects and promotions.

- Resources and tools to build up confidence and shatter limiting beliefs.

- Focused content and modules designed to teach you techniques in influence and persuasion.

Use my 20+ years of experience in negotiation, interviewing and hiring to forge your career path.

Unblock your thinking about your worth and gain the toolkit to go after big jobs with big impact and a big salary! Be the architect of your opportunities.

Book a complimentary Discovery Call and let’s map out how you can accelerate your career.

Your time to shine has come!

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From Overlooked to Overbooked Negotiation Tips with Dorothy Mashburn

22 July 2024, 12:35 PM
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