Fiona Demark

Fiona Demark

Fiona's Episode broadcasts 22 June 2024, 02:25 AM

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I am all about stepping outside the square and challenging myself as well as the people around me to think differently. When I’m not working at the Department of Transport and Planning, speaking, training or coaching for my own business, I am out ‘accessing adventure’ and finding new ways to push boundaries and overcome fear.

This all sounds exhausting, but I’m very definite on having a great balance of things in my life that brings joy and makes me truly happy.

Although I believe having a long-term view and setting goals is incredibly important, I also live life for every moment. I consciously take in the world through my other four senses as I am legally blind

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Turning Blindness to Brilliance Fiona's Unconventional Path

22 June 2024, 02:25 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Fiona Demark