Gisele Gambi

Gisele's Episode broadcasts 16 June 2024, 03:05 PM

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Being a coach was never in the plan

I was very happily working in a human resources directorship role, a career of 13 years, and then crisis hit. In 1999 my first son Joshua passed away at 11 days old and then a very dysfunctional marriage ended.

There’s a saying that you need to be ‘shaken to awaken’. Well, I certainly know that to be true! Crisis cracked me open. Looking for answers, I learnt to meditate, became an avid reader of personal development books and a few years later attended my first deep dive personal transformation program. Here I learnt how to step out of victimhood and blame and into the paradigm of cause and effect. I was free.

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Unlocking Untapped Abundance Gisele Gambi's Transformative Journey Revealed!

16 June 2024, 03:05 PM
Gisele Gambi Prosper Taruvinga