Joseph Salamon

D- RA Creative

Joseph's Episode broadcasts 20 July 2024, 02:15 AM

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My name is Joseph Salamon, I graduated with a degree of Visual Communication and Design from Deakin. I like to play games, watch sport, go camping and have fun. I am the owner of a boutique graphic design agency in Melbourne called D-RA Creative, on a day to day basis I talk to prospective clients as well as design. Once when I was in South Africa I rode an Ostrich, which I found quite unique, could only stay on for 20 seconds. Some of our clients that I have really enjoyed working for was the Queensland Government, helping them rebrand their image for the health department, making them look appealing to their younger target audience. I also really enjoyed creating a worldwide campaign called LightforPeace, encouraging people to take a selfie with their Menorah, and coming up with fun and interesting ways to make this happen

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Designing Success: A Graphic Designer's Journey to Entrepreneurship

20 July 2024, 02:15 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Joseph Salamon