Julie Cockerill

Lemon Co

Julie's Episode broadcasts 22 June 2024, 04:35 AM

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Julie's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From her early dreams of becoming an interior designer to her pivot into the world of HR and leadership coaching, she's a force to be reckoned with. But what truly sets Julie apart is her personal experience with ADHD and her mission to unlock the power of neurodiversity in corporate settings.

In this engaging conversation, Julie shares her insights on coaching, positive psychology, and the intersection of neuroscience and leadership. She dives into her unique THRIVE coaching program, designed to help individuals with ADHD harness their strengths, boost their confidence, and banish burnout.

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How This Entrepreneur Turned ADHD into a Superpower for Success!

22 June 2024, 04:35 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Julie Cockerill