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Lesley O'Donoghue is a High Performance Coach and Mentor. As a speaker, trainer, mentor and coach to small/medium businesses and corporate organisations, Lesley helps individuals and teams to transform the paradigm of their conditioned beliefs, habits and behaviours preventing them from bringing out the best in themselves for their career, health and relationships.

Lesley's obsession with helping people to get what they really want in life both personally and professionally, to live their best quality of life and to pursue their passions has driven her to help hundreds of people to achieve life-changing goals.

Lesley is also a fully qualified Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness Coach, has a diploma in Exercise Science and Nutrition and she founded and ran her own successful award-winning business for 15 years.

Lesley is passionate about business, happiness and wellbeing. The clients who have already benefited from her expertise include business professionals and teams from a wide range of industries, women in leadership or progressing to leadership and individuals who want freedom from the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in life.

The consistent drive and energy required to be successful in business can be extremely demanding.  Lesley’s expertise as a trusted coach, mentor and adviser will not only ensure that you develop the vitality and resilience to operate at a world-class level, but will give you the skills to maintain the momentum to take you from average to awesome.  Like a racing car needing a tune up, Lesley provides the pit stop you and your business need to get all cylinders firing.

Lesley has a unique way of connecting with people to help them to realise the potential they have within themselves. Her skills will help you to maximise your mojo for achieving outstanding results in your health, relationships, business, career and finances.

Lesley is a powerhouse of energy and a true expert in people performance and resilience.

Contact Lesley today for a no obligation conversation about how she can help you, your business or your team.

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Discover the Secrets to a Thriving Business and Fulfilling Life with Lesley O'Donoghue!

13 August 2024, 03:15 PM
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