Linda Joy's Episode broadcasts 23 June 2024, 06:45 AM

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My mission is to help you thrive. By empowering you to lead a healthier, happier and more productive life. At the same time have clarity on your direction.

I was born with a psychic intuitive healing gift. Over the last 30+ years, I have developed ways of channeling my gift through various healing modalities.

I have healed myself of cancer and autoimmune disease without medication. Plus, transformed thousands of people’s minds and bodies through my intuitive holistic approach.

I specialize in trauma held in the body. Either emotional or chronic physical pain. Caused by an injury, accident, or traumatic event.

Through my coaching/journey sessions, I empower my clients with simple tools to trust themselves to make higher choices from their truth.

Even though I started my personal development in 1986. It was in 1990 when I first met my spiritual teacher. This catapulted my healing journey. I had cancer at the time, caused by suppressed emotional pain. Buried childhood trauma caused depression, suicide, eating disorders, and autoimmune disease.

This is “why” I have chosen to help others heal from their past trauma experiences or burnout causing other health challenges. In my sessions or workshops, I empower my clients and share tools for them to heal themselves from any health issues.

I quickly identify the root cause to bring the life force to that area to transform miracles in the mind and body. I am the creator of the 5R BENN Renewal Program. A 5 step process that incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. My 5 steps are the same formula I use for all my face-to-face bodywork treatments, 1-1 coaching plus online programs.

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