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Mariah's Episode broadcasts 16 August 2024, 11:40 AM

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Hi, I'm Mariah, Founder of Content Queen.I thrive on helping business owners build their knowledge, confidence and even LOVE for all things content creation, storytelling and writing.With many years working in PR, journalism and marketing under my belt, I noticed that all the jargon makes marketing seem more complicated than it really is. So I make things simple. I break down the techniques and concentrate on channels that work.I also create a LOT of content for my business and many others, so I have been able to experiment over the years. The tactics, techniques and strategy are exactly what I use with my 1:1 clients, and in my own business.The same strategies that saw one of my client’s website visitors jump from 223 new users to 1514 new users in just 3 months. But I also know what it is like. I started my business from scratch with 0 followers on any platform.I worked full-time while building my side hustle. I would get to 5pm each day and not know what to post on social media either. I juggled all the things. Trust me when I say this - I get it. I started Content Queen as a one woman show and since 2020 have built it into Content Queen - The agency and educational business here to help people like you. We are a team of freelancers from all over the world (and travelling the world) here to share stories, write content and create strategy for online businesses and entrepreneurs. At Content Queen, we are open and loyal to our clients but to also have fun along the journey of working together. We aim to share our knowledge with our clients, whether you need help building content for your business or are looking for the guidance and the strategy to start creating content.We work on growth while also forming relationships with our clients - these are the main values we bring to our business.

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Learn from Mariah MacInnes How to Build a Sustainable and Enjoyable Business

16 August 2024, 11:40 AM
Mariah MacInnes Prosper Taruvinga