Matty Lansdown

Matty Lansdown

Matty's Episode broadcasts 31 July 2024, 02:15 AM

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Matty's journey from a scientific background to a career in nutrition and wellness is fascinating. He started out in the field of nutritional epigenetics and worked in hospitals as part of a disease research team. However, he soon realized that the deeper challenge people face with health isn't just about counting calories or eating kale but rather revolves around mindset and behavior change.

Matty's podcast, "How to NOT Get Sick and Die," has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to improve their nutrition and wellness. The podcast provides listeners with insights into developing healthy habits that last a lifetime. During our conversation, Matty shares his inspiration for starting the podcast and the key takeaways he hopes listeners will gain from tuning in.

Our discussion delves into Matty's Real Food Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting programs. He explains what clients can expect when they sign up for these transformative programs and how he helps them address challenges such as emotional eating and sugar cravings. Matty's expertise in these areas shines through as he outlines the strategies he employs to support his clients effectively.

As a nutritionist who primarily works with mothers, Matty understands the unique challenges they face in prioritizing their health while managing busy lives. He shares his approach to helping them find balance, enjoy food, and maintain their health goals without feeling overwhelmed.

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Discover the Science-Backed Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss and Emotional Freedom

31 July 2024, 02:15 AM
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