Richard Phu

Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel

Richard's Episode broadcasts 03 August 2024, 03:30 AM

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I help SME business owners scale their business to run without them by automating, systemising and providing them with Virtual Assistants (VAs).

I’ve combined my many years of management consulting background at KPMG with over a decade of experience in recruiting virtual assistants to help time-poor business owners Systemise and Scale Up their operations by:

Targeting your key core activities that you shouldn’t be doing.

Design (build) the systems and processes that will allow you to scale.

Implement automated solutions that will save you (and your team) from manual/duplicate work and reduce errors.

Recruit and Train your Virtual Angel (not just any virtual assistant) that you’ll select to be part of your scaling journey.

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Transform Your Business Scaling with Automation & Virtual Teams Richard Phu Interview

03 August 2024, 03:30 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Richard Phu