Richard Blank

Telemarketing Expert, COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

Richard's Episode broadcasts 25 July 2024, 02:10 PM

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Costa Rica’s Call Center, under Richard's guidance, has redefined the industry's benchmarks, earning him recognition in the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business. But it's not just about business for Richard; his commitment to education shines through as he generously endows scholarships for students pursuing world languages.

This engaging discussion delves into CCC's uncommon growth strategies, offering invaluable lessons for small to medium-sized business owners. Richard also unravels personal anecdotes that shaped his business and life perspectives, unveiling the transformative power of empathy in leadership.

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Telemarketing CCC Strategies, Exclusive Interview by Richard Blank

25 July 2024, 02:10 PM
Richard Blank Prosper Taruvinga