Rose Davidson

Administrative Services Specialist, DOES Biz I take pride in my world-class services that can be tailored to suit your specific administrative needs and affordable to suit any type of budget without compromising on quality.

Rose's Episode broadcasts 07 March 2024, 04:25 AM

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Tiring of the corporate world in 2014, Rose started her business, DOES Biz, in 2015, based in Adelaide Australia offering small business administrative & office support services. Rose has more than 35 years of experience in high-level administrative roles.

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Administrative Support (online or in-house) 10 Hours of administrative support valued at A$550 Book here: -


Administrative Support (online or in-house) You will get per calendar month: ♥ 40 hours of administrative support (value A$1,980) ♥ 5 hours of the creation of forms, templates, flowcharts, or questionnaires (value A$275) ♥ 3 x 1:1 1 hour Strategy Sessions to get you on track with your business processes (value A$165) ♥ 1500 words of proofreading and editing of your documents, emails, or blogs (value A$50) I am even going to take A$1,000 off the package and offer it to you for only A$1,470 (instead of A$2,470). So you receive ALL of the above for ONLY A$1,470. Connect with Rose here:- and mention this offer when booking your appointment.




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