Sean's Episode broadcasts 17 August 2024, 05:15 AM

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As a mentor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, former race car driver, father, angel investor and award-winning business owner, Sean is on a mission to help business leaders get out of the rat race for good and use their businesses as a vehicle to create freedom in their lives.

After more than two decades of mentoring, my approach has changed the mindsets of hundreds of leaders, helping them understand that business shouldn’t be trapping you, but setting you free – allowing business owners to create the life they want.

Ultimately, my mission is to provide leaders with tools to create a business that fuels their freedom and success, whatever that means for them. The power is yours. I’m here to help show you the way.

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Breaking Chains, Building Dreams: Sean Soole's Blueprint for Business Liberation

17 August 2024, 05:15 AM
Sean Soole Prosper Taruvinga