Sharlene Lynch

Sharlene Lynch

Sharlene's Episode broadcasts 26 October 2024, 11:20 AM

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About this Guest

Sharlene is the Vice President of Healing Though Love, a non-profit organisation providing pamper days for women impacted by family and domestic violence.

After losing her only child to suicide and almost being swallowed up by alcoholism and hoarding, Sharlene found powerful transformation in the face of adversity...She is the living embodiment of her SHIFT program.

An international speaker, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and veteran workshop facilitator with 30 years of experience in business coaching and a background in accounting and holistic psychology, Sharlene is a thought leader in MINDSHIFT – the future of mindset – a program that delivers tools and techniques to create lives that thrive.

And in her spare time, she is a Belly Dancer!!

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Mastering Mindset for Success Sharlene's 5 Step MINDSHIFT Program

26 October 2024, 11:20 AM
Sharlene Lynch Prosper Taruvinga