Shelia Heard

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Shelia's Episode broadcasts 21 August 2024, 01:40 AM

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Shelia Heard isn't just your average wellness practitioner—she's a Momma Warrior armed with a mission to empower total well-being. Born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, Shelia's journey into holistic wellness was shaped by personal trials and profound challenges.

As a mother of two adult children grappling with disabilities, Shelia found herself thrust into the role of advocate and healer. Her daughter's diagnosis of a degenerative disorder that left her blind with limited use of arms and legs, followed by her youngest son's diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, and the tragic loss of her oldest son, were devastating blows that could have shattered even the strongest spirit. But for Shelia, these challenges became the catalyst for a deeper understanding of healing and resilience.

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From Tragedy to Triumph: Meet the Momma Warrior Redefining Healing!

21 August 2024, 01:40 AM
Prosper Taruvinga Shelia Heard