Stephanie's Episode broadcasts 22 August 2024, 06:50 AM

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Stephanie's journey is nothing short of remarkable. From a childhood marked by poverty, abuse, and neglect, she defied the odds to become a millionaire by the age of 35. But her story doesn't end there. As the Vice President of Desert Capital Management Group, Stephanie has carved out a successful career in finance while also making significant strides in empowering women to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Through her various ventures, including Empower Hour, a women's networking group, and Crowned Consulting, Stephanie is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. Her book, "Women of Perfection – Perfectly Imperfect," tackles the unrealistic expectations placed on women in today's society, offering guidance and inspiration to embrace imperfection and pursue their goals fearlessly.

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From Poverty to Prosperity: Stephanie Mearse's Millionaire Journey Revealed

22 August 2024, 06:50 AM
Stephanie Mearse Prosper Taruvinga