Supriya Roy

Life coach, SR Academy

Supriya's Episode broadcasts 20 July 2024, 06:05 PM

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Hey my name is Supriya,

My mission is to help awaken 1 million women to break cycles of oppression and poverty by 2050 through my podcasts, courses and in-person events. I want to leave behind a legacy that the future generation can keep building upon.

I'm a Life coach, Ayurveda Practitioner and Professional Speaker with proven experience within the holistic wellness and education space of over 15 years.

After a decade in corporate, I started a holistic wellness center. In those years I found my mentors to grow as a spiritual teacher and business owner. And through my journey of personal and professional development, I created a self-mastery methodology.

The core work is for today's women to heal, adopt high performance, commit to their daily pleasure and to become a leaders in life and at work.

Since the pandemic I too had to find a way to show up more fully for myself, my clients and family through the uncertainties we all faced. And with the tools of self-mastery, I was able to evolve my business and life into a whole new profitable direction very quickly.

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Holistic Business Growth Secrets-Supriya Roy

20 July 2024, 06:05 PM
Supriya Roy Prosper Taruvinga