Tara's Episode broadcasts 16 September 2024, 03:15 PM

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Tara delves into the transformative force of confidence and shares invaluable insights from her upcoming TEDx talk in the United Kingdom for 2024. Discover how Tara's mission to inspire millions globally has shaped her impactful strategies and teachings. 🚀

Throughout her career, Tara has championed confidence as the catalyst for personal and professional growth. She reveals the secrets behind her acclaimed book, "How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power," offering a beacon of hope in a world often shadowed by uncertainty. 📚

Tara's journey, from battling major depressive disorder to becoming a sought-after speaker, reflects resilience and determination. Learn how she overcame personal obstacles to emerge as a LinkedIn thought leader and consultant, driving positive change in the lives of countless individuals. 💼

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How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power-Tara Gooch

16 September 2024, 03:15 PM
Tara Gooch Prosper Taruvinga