Terri Bowman

CEO and Founder of Blissiree, Blissiree Blissiree is an app that helps people suffering from anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, weight loss and more. It’s evidence-based and can be used from the comfort of your own home, while you sleep.

Terri's Episode broadcasts 15 September 2024, 05:35 AM

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Welcome to Blissiree. If you want to finally rid yourself of the anxiety, depression, fear or self-doubt that’s holding you back or even crippling you, I have wonderful news….

Your brain can be trained to be happy again! As founder of the Brain Wellness Spa and creator of the Positive Auditory Stimuli method, it’s something I’ve seen over and over again, for thousands of clients. And it’s why I created Blissiree.

Now even more people can get affordable and accessible mental health help. Right at home, with your mobile or tablet.

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Website- https://www.blissiree.com

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Discover The App That Can Heal You While You Sleep!

15 September 2024, 05:35 AM
Terri Bowman Prosper Taruvinga