Tessa's Episode broadcasts 22 July 2024, 03:55 AM

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As a neurodiverse coach who’s been in your shoes, I know one-size-fits-all support just doesn’t cut it. I struggled for years before finally discovering approaches that worked for my unique wiring and challenges. Now I want to pay that forward to help you thrive too.

If you feel lost, overwhelmed or misunderstood in trying to manage ADHD or ASD day-to-day, reach out. I’ll meet you where you are, without judgement, so we can fine tune a customised coaching program and tools aligned to your specific needs.

You deserve to feel supported as your best self, wherever this journey takes you next. This is coaching with heart.

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Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Potential: Inside Tessa Drysdale's Neurodiversity Masterclass!

22 July 2024, 03:55 AM
Tessa Drysdale Prosper Taruvinga