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Tracy, a South African gem who's crafted her own artistic saga, takes us from her high-flying days as an air hostess, earning her the coveted #wordtraveller title, to becoming the maestro behind Design Studio Perth in the vibrant city of Perth, Australia.

In this episode, we delve into Tracy's fascinating journey, exploring the unique fusion of her travel experiences and creative prowess that culminated in the birth of Design Studio Perth. From cruising the high seas to cruising through the world of graphic design, Tracy's story is nothing short of inspiring.

Discover the secrets behind Tracy's ability to empower time-poor business owners to create unforgettable brands, allowing them to reclaim their time and focus on what they love most. 🌈 Tracy shares success stories, the challenges she's conquered, and the uncommon strategies that have fueled her entrepreneurial journey, providing valuable insights for small to medium business owners.

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Impactful branding with Tracy Fryer

19 July 2024, 04:55 PM
Tracy Fryer Prosper Taruvinga