Yagnesh Patel

Yagnesh's Episode broadcasts 18 June 2024, 05:25 PM

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Yagnesh's journey wasn't without its challenges. Learn how a pivotal moment pushed him to start his own business after facing adversity in the corporate world, and how standing up against threats shaped his approach to entrepreneurship and leadership. 🚀

And that's not all! Yagnesh is also the founder of the Infinite Intelligence Academy, an online institute dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and continuously improve themselves. 🎓

Join us as Yagnesh reflects on his journey and shares invaluable advice for his younger self, while also debunking common misconceptions about personal and professional growth.

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The Infinite Intelligence Academy Your Path to Profitable Leadership!

18 June 2024, 05:25 PM
Prosper Taruvinga Yagnesh Patel