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Welcome to an enlightening journey with Bass Tadros, a renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of 'Three Steps To Inspiration For Life.' In this captivating interview, Bass shares invaluable insights into the world of hypnotherapy, human development, and personal transformation.

With over 15 years of experience in Corporate Marketing and a fervent passion for guiding individuals towards positive change, Bass Tadros brings a unique perspective to the realm of hypnotherapy. He delves into his transition from the corporate sphere to his current role, emphasizing the power of behavior, communication, and human transformation in his practice.

Throughout this engaging discussion, Bass provides compelling advice and recounts personal anecdotes that have shaped his journey. He highlights the pivotal moments that led him to embrace hypnotherapy as a means of catalyzing profound change in people's lives.

Discover how Bass Tadros' book, 'Three Steps To Inspiration For Life,' encapsulates transformative principles and actionable steps for personal growth. Gain insights into his innovative approaches and techniques that empower individuals to unlock their potential and achieve lasting change.

Join us as we explore Bass Tadros' mission to instill confidence, clear obstacles, and facilitate meaningful transformations through hypnotherapy and human development strategies.

15 August 2024, 01:35 PM

01:35 PM - 02:35 PM

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Prosper Taruvinga

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Bass Tadros

Bass Tadros

Bass Tadros