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In this episode of the Online Prosperity Show, join your host Prosper Taruvinga as he dives into a deep and inspiring conversation with Jacqui O'Connor, the CEO and Founder of Heart Place Hospital, a New Zealand registered charity dedicated to supporting front-line caregivers in health and education.

Jacqui's journey from a front-line caregiver to the founder of a revolutionary charity is nothing short of remarkable. Her passion for healing and her commitment to empowering others shines through in her work. Jacqui shares how Heart Place Hospital is feminizing the healthcare and education systems, bringing love, spirituality, and collaboration back to the forefront of medicine.

We discuss Jacqui's bold move to a new region to create a safe space for others to heal and grow. She talks about the upcoming fundraiser at Mangawhai Golf Club and how attendees can support Heart Place Hospital's mission. Jacqui also shares how she integrates spirituality into her practice and the unique strategies she's employed to grow the charity.

We explore Jacqui's commitment to supporting front-line caregivers, advocating for their needs, and providing them with the tools they need to thrive. She reflects on the challenges she's faced and offers advice to her younger self, along with insights she's gained along the way.

As we wrap up, Jacqui provides a glimpse into the future of Heart Place Hospital and the exciting projects on the horizon. We also discuss how you can get involved and support the mission of Heart Place Hospital.

Whether you're interested in the healthcare and education sectors or simply seeking inspiration from Jacqui's journey, this episode is packed with insights and impactful stories. Don't miss this enlightening conversation with Jacqui O'Connor, and be sure to share this episode with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more insightful content like this.

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14 August 2024, 01:20 AM

01:20 AM - 02:20 AM

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Jacqui O’Connor

Jacqui O’Connor

Heart Place Hospital


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Prosper Taruvinga

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