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Declutter Your Life. The Secret to Instant Calm Revealed!

A Episode by Lisa Hodgson (My Curated Life)

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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Online Prosperity Show! I'm your host, Prosper Taruvinga, and today we have an incredible guest who is going to help us all transform our living spaces from chaotic to calm. Meet Lisa Hodgson, the founder of My Curated Life in Sydney. Lisa is a decluttering expert and professional organizer dedicated to helping women create simplicity and beauty in their homes.

In this episode, Lisa shares her inspiring journey from a finance executive to a professional organizer. She delves into the unique challenges her clients face and offers valuable insights into her decluttering methods. Lisa also opens up about her personal growth journey, including how coaching and therapy helped her overcome negative thought processes and boosted her confidence.

One of the highlights of our conversation is Lisa's redefinition of success. She explains how shifting her focus from financial gains to balance and personal fulfillment has positively impacted both her business and personal life. We also get a fun glimpse into her past as a baton-twirling world champion and how that experience ties into her current work.

For those feeling overwhelmed by clutter, Lisa shares practical steps to regain control of your space and maintain order. She also discusses the importance of regular decluttering and how it helps her stay focused on what truly matters in her business. Lisa's unique strategies for growing her business, such as investing in personal development and prioritizing essential tasks, offer valuable lessons for small to medium business owners.

Additionally, Lisa talks about her upcoming book and her goal to grow her LinkedIn audience. She provides a sneak peek into what readers can expect from her book and how it will further help women simplify their lives.

Throughout the episode, Lisa shares impactful stories from her work, offering a deep understanding of the invisible lessons and insights her journey holds. She wraps up with a reflective question, offering heartfelt advice to her younger self that will resonate with many viewers.

Don't miss this enlightening and inspiring episode! Watch now to learn how to elevate your living spaces, simplify your life, and create a beautiful, organized home.

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18 September 2024, 02:25 AM

02:25 AM - 03:25 AM

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Lisa Hodgson

Lisa Hodgson

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Lisa Hodgson


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