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Welcome to a truly inspiring and insightful conversation with Monica Rosenfeld, the driving force behind the Global Stories that Stir Movement. In this episode of The Online Property Show, we delve deep into the world of storytelling and human connection.

Monica Rosenfeld's mission is nothing short of remarkable - to foster human connection and healing through storytelling. She has carved a unique path in the world of storytelling, not only as a founder but also as a coach to business leaders looking to harness the power of narrative.

In this interview, we explore Monica's journey and the genesis of the Global Stories that Stir Movement. She shares the inspiration that led her to embark on this incredible journey and how she envisions storytelling as a tool for positive change and transformation.

Monica doesn't stop at theory. She actively puts her vision into action through monthly storytelling events and licensing this transformative concept. Learn more about how these events work and the diverse audiences they cater to.

The impact of storytelling extends beyond personal narratives. Monica also works with business leaders, helping them craft their own stories. Discover the process behind this unique approach and the tangible benefits businesses can expect when they embrace the power of storytelling.

What sets Monica's journey apart is her pivotal decision to close her PR agency after 22 years. Join us as she shares the driving force behind this life-altering decision and how it has shaped her path towards storytelling.

Monica emphasizes the importance of working in flow and harnessing the power of intention. Discover how this approach has influenced her success in this new venture, and gain insights into how you can apply these principles in your own journey.

Monica's heritage is equally fascinating. She is the daughter of Romanian parents who escaped Communism. Learn how this background has influenced her work in storytelling and her mission to connect people through shared experiences.

But it's not all serious business. Monica is also a stand-up comedian. Find out how comedy ties into her storytelling mission and how it benefits her clients.

From her early days at "A Current Affair" to her current path, Monica shares a memorable lesson from her career that guides her approach today. Her journey is a testament to continuous learning and growth.

Monica's approach isn't limited to her professional life. She believes in the law of attraction and the power of manifesting a wonderful life. Get a practical example of how she has applied this principle in her journey.

For large organizations looking to leverage the power of storytelling, Monica offers a program called "Stories that Stir for Business." Explore how this program can help businesses and their teams achieve new levels of engagement and connection.

Effective communication is key to business success, and Monica shares a key insight or strategy for overcoming the biggest block to success: ineffective communication.

Monica's T.R.U.S.T. Storytelling Methodology is at the core of her approach. She outlines the key components and how they benefit those who adopt them. Unlock the secrets to impactful storytelling and human connection.

Finally, Monica is known for her energetic and humorous speaking style. Discover how her unique approach simplifies complex concepts and makes them memorable for her audiences.

In the grand finale, Monica offers valuable advice to her younger self, reflecting on her incredible journey and the wisdom she's gained along the way.

Don't miss this incredible interview with Monica Rosenfeld as we explore the world of storytelling, human connection, and personal growth. To learn more about Monica's services and get in touch with her, visit

31 July 2024, 04:50 AM

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