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Welcome to another insightful episode of the Online Prosperity Show! I'm your host, Prosper Taruvinga, and today we have the pleasure of speaking with the one and only Maria Kelly, a Growth Strategist with a difference. Maria is not just about career development; she's about helping you achieve a fulfilling career that excites you every morning!

In this episode, Maria shares her incredible journey from corporate life to becoming an ICF Accredited Coach and Growth Strategist. With over 25 years of experience, she's developed a unique approach to preventing the failure of transitioning leaders into new roles or organizations. Her insights on leadership and professional development are a must-hear for anyone looking to grow themselves, their people, and their business.

Maria's work spans continents and cultures, bringing her vast multicultural exposure to her coaching approach. She discusses her new career coaching program, Career Compass Reset, designed to help mid-career professionals feeling stuck to navigate their career path and find joy in their work.

Throughout the interview, Maria offers valuable advice on balancing career ambitions with personal values and health. She shares her secret sauce for achieving fulfillment in your career and provides actionable strategies for taking your business to new heights.

From the importance of starting before you're ready to the power of asking for help, Maria's uncommon processes and strategies for business growth will inspire you to take charge of your career and make meaningful changes.

As we wrap up, Maria reflects on her journey and offers advice to her younger self. She also shares how you can connect with her to learn more about her services and stay updated on her latest ventures.

Be sure to watch the full episode to uncover the secrets to successful leadership, professional growth, and career fulfillment. Don't forget to rewatch this episode to absorb all the wisdom Maria shares and subscribe for more episodes packed with invaluable advice.

Connect with Maria Kelly to discover how you can grow your career and business with her guidance. Let’s dive into the episode and get ready to be inspired!

03 September 2024, 03:35 AM

03:35 AM - 04:35 AM

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Maria Kelly

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