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How Holistic Entrepreneurs Can Earn More Money With Less Struggle

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In this Episode, we speak to Anna Osherov, A Marketing Professional With A Passion For People.

'My mission is to cause global transformation by inspiring every person to be extraordinary. I am always looking to inspire those around me to be better versions of themselves and lead by example to engage in life choices that will help to create inner strength, outer balance and a life worth waking up to."


Experienced marketing professional working with small and large businesses and non profit organisations to identify goals, develop marketing strategies, create content and implement deliverables to achieve over-all business growth and individual campaign success.


Solid knowledge and understanding of all facets of the digital marketing sphere including web, SEO, Google AdWords, digital display advertising, social media marketing, email and content marketing principles.

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16 August 2027, 04:56 AM

04:56 AM - 05:56 AM

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Anna Osherov

Anna Osherov