Troy J. Holder

How To Amplify Your Brand To Achieve Your Desired Growth Faster With A Coach

A Episode by Troy J. Holder (Brand Building Consultant, TROY HOLDER)

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Imagine what you can achieve when you have a spirited business - growing branding professional providing your branding, marketing, and training support?

Let's do it!

I'm here to empower, inspire and challenge you to do more and be more. Tell me more about your goals and challenges.

Troy J. Holder is a branding coach, marketing trainer and speaker with a passion for people empowerment.

He enjoys the enviable pleasure of working from Barbados, a tropical Caribbean paradise.

The strategies and ideas he has shared over the past 25 years have generated over US$2.5 billion in combined sales for his clients and students.

Troy empowers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, women founders, and independent professionals, to amplify their personal and corporate brands and marketing strategies to achieve their desired growth faster.


14 July 2026, 12:12 PM

12:12 PM - 12:52 PM

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Troy J. Holder

Troy J. Holder

Brand Building Consultant, TROY HOLDER