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How To Build A Business That Has A Brilliant Bankable Brand

A Episode by Emma Sidney (Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Copywriting)

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In this episode, we speak to Emma Sidney, Digital Marketing Strategist.

Getting your brand right online requires strategy and copywriting specifically to your business and your ideal client.

Many of Emma's clients have found their websites are a digital brick. Nothing happens, nobody calls, and they don't know why.

Here's a tip: Have you ever been thinking about 'what you do'?

What clients want is 'What's in it for Me?'.

That's where digital copywriting comes in.

Emma and team help you understand how to create a better brand, shift the focus to your client and create know, like and trust.

A content writer can be boring, a marketer is often impersonal and a template generated lead sheet gets you nowhere because Google has worked out it's duplicated somewhere else.

Google even black bans bad website behaviour by unwary business owners and you get no ranking at all.

Emma's copy and digital strategy are crafted to find your ideal clients and help them to experience and love your services... THAT'S IT.

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15 May 2026, 05:30 AM

05:30 AM - 06:30 AM

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Emma Sidney

Emma Sidney

Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Copywriting