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How to identify and actualise your limitless potential

A Episode by Simon Caruso (Founder, The Limitless Man' podcast)

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In this episode, we speak to Simon Caruso. Simon is the host of 'The Limitless Man' podcast, coach, and speaker in identifying and actualising our limitless potential. His mission is to inspire others to build wealth and create their dream lifestyle through the power of property.

Having completed high school without a clear direction, he enrolled in University to fulfil his parent's wishes – by taking advantage of an opportunity they were never afforded in receiving a quality education, getting himself a good job, and ultimately earning good money in a specialised career.

Having dropped out of University after 2 years, he began his career in the telecommunications industry and over the past 20 years has undertaken various roles across different industries. His constant feelings of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment led him on a journey of self-development, where he has invested $100,000 and 10,000 hours over the past 6 years to discover how to find his own niche and has ultimately developed a strong desire to help others do the same by using the property as the vehicle.

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18 August 2024, 03:05 AM

03:05 AM - 04:05 AM

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Simon Caruso

Simon Caruso

Founder, The Limitless Man' podcast