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In this episode, we speak to Renee Mayne, Business Mentor.

Everything that Renee does at Renée Mayne Pty Ltd (RM) is based on pure love because she wholeheartedly believes that anything and everything is possible. Listen to the whispers and those little nudges; combine that with a super strong desire and hunger to live your best life.

Renee's obsession with self-help, personal development and spirituality began when she was 21 years old and had developed what was the beginning of cervical cancer, after She promised herself that she would break the cycle and do whatever she had to do in order to change her violent abusive life into one that is filled with love and where dreams do come true.

And that she did.

Renee is a country girl who has always had big dreams, travelling the world and going from job to job, trying to “fit” in… She always got bored really quickly, and loving what she does has always been paramount in her life, whether it be selling pies or speaking to thousands of people.

Renee has done and experienced a lot throughout her time in business and had a variety of opportunities. From best-selling Author, presenting on a TV show, being featured with the worlds leading experts in personal development, working with our most trusted brands and creating Australia’s largest independent lingerie resource.

A friend recently said to her “You have done so much and most people would never even know, I have been in business for a long time and worked with many coaches and no one can do what you do. It took me ages to discover that about you! You’re hiding…”

That was hard for Renee to hear because she feels like she is everywhere!

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17 April 2025, 04:42 AM

04:42 AM - 05:42 AM

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Renee Mayne

Renee Mayne

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