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How You Personally Define Success And How You Personally Define Happiness Is Entirely Up To You

A Episode by Prosper Taruvinga (Online Prosperity Consultant, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd)

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How you personally define success and how you personally define happiness is entirely up to you. But recognise the difference.

A popular formula for success and happiness that’s guaranteed to fail is the following: When I have (insert measure of success here) I’ll be happy. It will fail because one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other.

Take a minute to think about how successful you are, then take a moment to think about how happy you are.

Is there a common ground for the things making you either happy or successful?

In this video, I will explore why so many of us fail to achieve the success and the happiness we need.

It’s simple, we just can’t define it. We are living under the expectations of others.

I will leave you with 5 lessons on being successful and happy. Implement these simple life lessons to get on the right path to a business that’s profitable and enjoyable.

31 July 2026, 10:20 AM

10:20 AM - 11:20 AM

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Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga

Online Prosperity Consultant, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

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