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Importance Of Building A Property Portfolio, Knowledge And Skills

A Episode by Luke Moroney (First Time Property Investing)

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In this episode, we sit down with Luke Moroney form First time property investing.

Luke explains how Property Investing isn’ t really about Property, and the accumulation of houses, apartments, etc.

Some people might like to treat it as a game of monopoly, but the real question is, what’s your reason for wanting to accumulate more wealth?

Luke and his team want to get to know you well enough so that they understand both your current situation and aspirations.

This will then lead them to creating a strategy that fits best with the direction you are heading to.

The team will not just work with one supplier of property products.

They work with many.

They do the research, through testing the product themselves . It is only then when they have ascertained that the product will deliver on the proposed outcomes, that the team will consider this product in their suite of preferred products/suppliers.

Creating a Property Investing portfolio provides you an additional revenue stream to your income.

The exciting thing about this is that once you are in this space and exposed to acquiring wealth through a number of ways, your mindset and relationship with money starts to change.

And change for the better.

You start to balance your short term and long-term goals and feel a lot more comfortable with the decisions you make around money, even if they are big ones.

The feeling of being tied to a salary or stuck in a job can become a distant memory when you are well embedded into the journey of property investing, as it encourages you to think more laterally.

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21 July 2024, 05:58 AM

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Luke Moroney

Luke Moroney

First Time Property Investing