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Instinctive Hiring Insights from Chantal Penny

A Episode by Prosper Taruvinga and Chantal Penny

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About this Episode

In this exclusive interview, join us as we sit down with Chantal Penny, an industry trailblazer with over 9 years of recruitment expertise, specializing in the construction sector. Chantal is not only the owner of her thriving recruitment agency, SiteForce Recruitment, but she's also an international speaker renowned for her unique approach to hiring—focusing on instinct as much as intellect.

Discover Chantal's captivating journey, from her early TV appearances to her resilience during the challenging times of COVID-19 when she lost her job but emerged to build her own successful venture. She shares invaluable insights into scaling her business using a workforce from the Philippines and ensuring digital processes for maximum efficiency.

Throughout the conversation, Chantal sheds light on the core values driving SiteForce Recruitment—valuing people, safety, collaboration, and delivering exceptional results. Learn about her international speaking engagements, where she discussed 'Talent Instinct' and its critical role in the recruitment landscape, foreseeing the future trends in the industry.

Whether you're a seasoned recruiter, a business owner seeking talent, or someone intrigued by the dynamics of hiring, this conversation offers profound insights. Join us for a deep dive into the world of recruitment with someone who is not just reshaping the industry but redefining how we perceive hiring itself.

30 August 2024, 02:55 AM

02:55 AM - 03:55 AM

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Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga

Online Prosperity Consultant, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

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Chantal Penny

Chantal Penny

Chantal Penny