It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know That Matters

A episode by Prosper Taruvinga
Online Prosperity Consultant, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

20 March 2023, 01:43 AM

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About this episode

It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.

In this video we explore the different types of relationships that you must have to achieve success.

There is an African saying that says, if you wanna go far , go alone, if you wanna go further, go together.

We have heard of all the motivational statements like , there is no I in Team etc. all these ring true in as much as, you can’t be successful if you are not nurturing certain relationships that will help you and support you as an entrepreneur.

I for one have a “guy” for almost everything.

We can’t do it all by ourselves we are going to need financial, emotional and occasional support from other humans.

As an entrepreneur, what are you doing in order to nurture these relationships that will propel you to success?

The relationships in your life can take your business to new levels of success, or they can make you quit entrepreneurship entirely.

These relationships can help you grow and help with the success of your business, you are the one that determines what effect they have.

Watch this video and see which relationships are aiding or hurting your success.

Prosper Taruvinga

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