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Welcome to the Online Prosperity Show, where we bring you the brightest minds and most innovative entrepreneurs. Today, we have a guest who traded his hedge fund for a path of prosperity coaching, and he’s here to share his journey with us. Please welcome Joel Salomon, a finance expert, mindful money mentor, and award-winning TEDx speaker. Joel has managed a $700 million portfolio, created a successful hedge fund, and authored three best-selling books. He’s here to enlighten us on the mindset of wealth and the secrets to financial freedom. Get ready for an engaging, insightful, and possibly life-changing episode!


1. Joel, welcome to the show! Can you start by sharing a bit about your journey from managing a $700 million portfolio to becoming a prosperity coach?

2. What motivated you to make such a significant career shift from a successful hedge fund manager to a prosperity coach?

3. You’ve mentioned that the foundation of wealth is a mindset of gratitude, love, and service. Can you elaborate on how you cultivate this mindset in your clients?

4. “Act As If” is one of your strategies for growing your business. Can you explain this concept and how it can help small to medium business owners?

5. Another strategy you use is “Leverage.” How can entrepreneurs effectively apply leverage in their businesses?

6. You also talk about #DoubtTheDoubt. How can overcoming self-doubt impact someone’s financial success?

7. You had a significant moment of clarity during a personal development course where a speaker misled the audience about stock options. How did this experience shape your approach to financial education?

8. What do you believe are the most common misconceptions about money that people have?

9. How do you help clients develop a “millionaire mindset,” especially those who have been misled by get-rich-quick schemes?

10. Can you share an inspiring success story of one of your clients who overcame financial obstacles with your guidance?

11. You shut down your hedge fund to become a prosperity coach. What was the biggest challenge you faced during this transition, and how did you overcome it?

12. You’ve authored three best-selling books. What motivated you to write them, and how do they contribute to your mission?

13. As a TEDx speaker and frequent podcast guest, what are some of the most impactful messages you’ve shared with your audiences?

14. What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self about financial freedom and prosperity?

15. Finally, what unique lessons or insights from your journey would you like our viewers to take away and apply in their own lives?


Thank you, Joel, for sharing your incredible journey and valuable insights with us today. For our viewers, if you found this episode enlightening, don’t forget to rewatch it and take notes. Subscribe to our channel for more inspiring interviews like this one. Until next time, keep striving for prosperity and financial freedom!

28 July 2024, 02:45 AM

02:45 AM - 03:45 AM

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