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Mastering Financial Success Max Phelps Reveals Psychology Backed Property Investment Strategies

A Episode by Max Phelps and Prosper Taruvinga

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In this enlightening video, join us for an in-depth conversation with Max Phelps, the acclaimed mortgage broker, money coach, and property investment expert. Max delves into the psychology of money and how it intersects with long-term property investment strategies. Discover how Max's unique web-based application empowers individuals to set and achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals across various aspects of life, including family, investments, career, and holidays. Max also shares insights into his book "Getting Your Money $hit Together" and a sneak peek into his upcoming release, "$pending Fast & Slow." Whether you're a first-time investor, an experienced property owner, or simply curious about the psychology of financial decisions, this video is a must-watch!

15 August 2024, 03:55 AM

03:55 AM - 04:55 AM

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Max Phelps

Max Phelps

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Max Phelps

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Prosper Taruvinga

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