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Stop Body Burnout Journey to Wellness with Filipa Bellette

A Episode by Prosper Taruvinga and Filipa Bellette

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In this episode of the Online Prosperity Show, join host Prosper Taruvinga as he sits down with Filipa Bellette, the co-founder of the multi-award-winning health practice, Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. Filipa, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, and PhD Scholar, has a mission to put an end to body burnout for good.

Discover Filipa's remarkable journey into the world of holistic healing and functional medicine, and find out how she and her husband, Chris Bellette, have positively impacted the lives of over 2,000 clients over the past 25+ years. Learn about her groundbreaking book, her holistic approach to health, and how she's helping individuals become their own self-healers.

If you're on a quest for vitality, wellness, and a deeper understanding of your body's wisdom, this episode is a must-watch. Don't miss out on the free gift Filipa has prepared for our viewers, the Ending Body Burnout Assessment, available at [Insert Link].

Tune in, be inspired, and embark on your journey to lasting health and prosperity with Filipa Bellette.

Filipa Bellette

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05 September 2024, 01:05 AM

01:05 AM - 02:05 AM

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Prosper Taruvinga

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Filipa Bellette

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