Michael Moschos

Strategies To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business

A Episode by Michael Moschos (NLP Certified Coach, Moschos Michael)

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In this episode, we speak to Michael Moschos. Michael is an NLP certified coach that sets coaches free of their limiting beliefs and gives them the strategies to create massive financial abundance for themselves doing what they love!

Starting a coaching practice from the ground up is no easy task. You have to have a unique selling proposition, smart marketing, and sales strategies, networking skills, social proof, and more.

More than anything, however, you have to attract clientele. But you don't want to accept just any kind; you want the types of clients that you are best equipped to help and the ones who will benefit most from your services. What can you do attract them to your new business?

Learn more about how to attract the right clients to your coaching practice in this video.

12 April 2029, 03:53 AM

03:53 AM - 04:53 AM

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Michael Moschos

Michael Moschos

NLP Certified Coach, Moschos Michael