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The importance of prospecting when it comes to business development and making more sales

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4/5 - Lead Generation

We are back again with Adam Bude, internationally published author, sales expert, and course creator, who helps growth mindset and purpose-driven business owners to scale their businesses by increasing their sales, profits and systems creating them more time to work on their business instead of in it, so they have a saleable asset of real value.

We need to continually prospect daily to keep filling our funnel and pipeline, so that we’ve got more leads coming through our system, resulting in more people to talk to, so we can then obviously have more sales.

The biggest challenge that most business owners face, is how they’re prospecting because there are so many ways!

You can cold call, do email marketing campaigns, do direct marketing campaigns, attend networking events or functions, strategic partnerships, referral relationships and even affiliate programs.

However, how do you successfully manage all of it, regularly.

Well, the truth is, for you to succeed in business, you must play the long game and always stay front of mind to your potential prospects.

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Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga

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Adam Bude

Adam Bude

Strategic Sales Specialist, The Authentic Sales Training Academy