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Things You Can Do Before And During Your Display Home Visits

A Episode by Stephen Gochman (New Home Consultant, Simonds Homes)

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In this Episode, we speak to Stephen Gochman, New Home Consultant at Simonds Homes.

Stephen wants you to make the most of your visits to a display home when it's time to buy your Next property.

Buying or building a new home is a major investment and is a highly emotional experience. It makes sense to spend as much time as you can choosing one that will meet your needs as a potentially growing family, so you can live in and enjoy and create memories in your home in the future.

Whether it's your first time or planning on moving into a specific design, touring the display villages around Australia can be hugely enjoyable – especially if you walk into a wonderful house that instantly feels like home.

There are a lot of things you can do before and during your display home visits to ensure you maximise on the opportunity.

Stephen is here to give you a short personal checklist in this video.

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27 May 2026, 01:51 AM

01:51 AM - 02:51 AM

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Stephen Gochman

Stephen Gochman

New Home Consultant, Simonds Homes