Matthew Whyatt

Think you Know Sales? Most Sales Trainers And Consultants Have It Flat Out Wrong

A Episode by Matthew Whyatt (Speaker / Mentor, Velocity Selling)

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In this episode we speak to Matthew, Speaker / Mentor at Velocity Selling. Matthew is a highly successful entrepreneur, having run his own businesses and in particular sales teams since he was 22, regularly outselling the long established players in a number of markets.

Matthews’ relentless thirst for knowledge and his ability to apply that knowledge in real world situations makes him a truly versatile sales person. Matthew has owned companies with sales in excess of $100 Million in diverse areas such as IT and Software Consultancy, Real Estate, Health, Business Licensing and Franchising.

Matthew is now the CEO of Velocity Selling which provides Sales and Sales Management Training, Whole Team Motivation, Mentoring and Strategic Sales Consultancy.

In addition to his success in creating business he has the skills and personality that makes him the one you want to work with to improve your sales approach and most importantly learn how to communicate with your prospects and potential partners for maximum impact.

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26 April 2028, 11:14 AM

11:14 AM - 12:14 PM

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About The Guests

Matthew Whyatt

Matthew Whyatt

Speaker / Mentor, Velocity Selling