Renee Catt

Understanding Human Needs And Desires Within The Context Of Relationships

A Episode by Renee Catt (Relationship Coach, Divorce Go To Girl)

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About this Episode

In this episode, we speak to Renee Catt, Relationship Coach.

Renee left her 20-year career in the travel industry to start helping people going through a separation and divorce after going through her own 'tsunami' of a divorce. She helps people get to the root cause of their emotional traumas and remove the negative emotions so that the full emotional healing can take place, and then get back into life.

No matter what stage of your relationship you are in, and no matter what you want to do, Renee is here to guide you.

She will walk you through the emotional healing required to give you clarity so that the next steps you take are made with confidence and love.

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17 August 2024, 06:13 AM

06:13 AM - 07:13 AM

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About The Guests

Renee Catt

Renee Catt

Relationship Coach, Divorce Go To Girl